Tuesday, January 25, 2011


This was my first Pre-Nup photo experience with Butch and Diane taken at Chinese Garden, Singapore. It is such a joy to photograph people-in-love! Not that you seldom see that nowadays. In fact, i think more and more people are falling in love. 

Monday, January 24, 2011


When my MUA (make-up artist) friend, Mae Santos told me about this couple who wanted a different kind of engagement shoot - it thrilled me, knowing that this would give me the opportunity to try other things. So we went to Fort Canning Park to shoot where they have this cemetery. The couple being dancers, made it very easy for them to sway...so yeah, this is one of my favorite sets so far!

Friday, January 21, 2011


Thursday, January 20, 2011


Taken at Lower Seletar, one of the best places to go to for engagement shoots. The sunset and sunrise is amazing - just like the couple.

MUA - Mae Santos


What can i say? I just love this album! We did 6 sets in 1 day roaming Singapore. To start off, we headed to Botanical Garden where we had 2 sets of shoot. We spent almost the whole morning at that huge, huge garden! 

Then we went to Boat Quay, Punggol and finally, Helix Bridge! 

I hope to have more shoots like this where spontaneity is the norm. Beautiful couple! 

Monday, January 17, 2011

Travel to Siem Reap, Cambodia

Visiting Siem Reap Cambodia was one of the most exciting and memorable experience I have had in my life. Not only for the Architecture that mesmerized me, not only the place that i fell in love with, but because I spent this with my sister Babygirl. I guess nothing beats the bond of sisters!

Angkor Wat is the largest religious monument in the world and the most beautiful architecture i have seen so far. Its style is a Khmer Temple Architecture that was built in the 12th Century. The place is declared UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its grandeur is beyond imaginable. And watching the sunrise was like seeing it for the first time!

Travelling to Siem Reap is a breeze. If you want to go for a cheaper accomodation, you can always opt for hostels in the city. When i was looking where to stay, we found out that most of the tourists just opts for this kind of accomodation. However, it was highly suggested and recommended that you stay at Western owned hostels. We did just that, and we're just as happy as the rest. There's really no need to go for fancy hotels because you'll be out most the time anyway visiting Temples, watching the sunset and sunrise, going for a drink and shopping, except maybe when you really do have the budget for that and you're travelling with kids.

If you're already there, don't miss visiting Tonle Sap. Tonle Sap mean Large Fresh Water River. It's a Floating Village where you will notice that half of the river is occupied by the locals and the other half by the Vietnamese. Everything from schools to churches are floating. It's a unique type of community where the main transport is a small boat.

We took Jetstar to fly us to Cambodia. There are many airlines that fly there, but if you're on a budget, Jetstar delivers!

Travel to Tioman Island, Malaysia

One of the best holiday ever! Tioman is beautiful.

We stayed at Berjaya Hotel for 4D3N. Staying there gave us the relaxation we needed after a stressful job in the City. The buffet breakfast is just fantastic! There are a lot of different resorts there...you can choose which suits your vacation best.

The part that you really wouldn't know what to do or where to go unless you google it, is visiting "Juara Beach"! You have to go there for the sunset and be blown away with its sheer beauty.

Going to Juara Beach means crossing the mountain as it is on the opposite side if you're coming from Berjaya Resort. And that means, waking up at 4:30AM to get there just in time for the Sunrise.

Getting a pick-up to get you there is not really difficult as the locals living around there can get you a good deal. But if you're not too comfortable with that, you can also arrange with the hotel.

Snorkeling is okay. But beware of the undercurrent as it can really be deceiving. Hold on tight to the ropes and make sure you put on your flippers so you don't get carried away just like what happened to us. It was very scary.

There are no straight flights to Tioman Island. The only way to go is by Ferry. To save you the hassle, it's best to go for agency package tours so they can arrange it for you. DO NOT FORGET to ask if they have promotions...:)

Travel to Batam, Indonesia

I've been to Batam, Indonesia quite a few times, and never really thought they even have beach resorts there. When my previous company said we will be having an outing in Batam, i sure didn't really expect much. Upon getting there, i have to tell you i was really surprised. It is beautiful!

If you wish to have a nice vacation in Batam, the Turi Beach Resort will provide you with a relaxing stay with nice view and nice food! They have a lot of beach activities like parasailing and jetskii. If you're travelling with your officemates, they can also prepare team building activities. The beach however, is not really as nice. So don't hope to see some Bintan type of beach. But then again, this resort should be worth your money!

At night, they have karaoke rooms where you can sing to your heart's delight. They also have a bar and billiard if you opt to just listen to some good music while playing pool. 

You can reach batam by ferry from Harbour Front. It is a 35-minute ride from Singapore. For promotions, you can try looking at Agoda, Booking.Com or any travel deals that can give you a nice discount.

Mi Hermosa Ciudad de Zamboanga 2010

These photos were taken on my most recent trip to my Hometown in Zamboanga City, Philippines.

I came home to celebrate Christmas with my Family after 5 years of celebrating it in Singapore. My sister was flying in too from Bermuda. The thought that we could all be together again and spend Christmas as one whole family was something i just couldn't miss. I will definitely not trade it for the world. 

During my vacation, i made sure i was going to move around and capture the soul of the City where i was born and lived for 23 years of my life. And yet, days wasn't enough. Vacation was over. Reality was back. 

Though i felt slightly disappointed, i was just glad i was there during the holidays. Being with family is the best one can ever ask for.