Monday, January 17, 2011

Mi Hermosa Ciudad de Zamboanga 2010

These photos were taken on my most recent trip to my Hometown in Zamboanga City, Philippines.

I came home to celebrate Christmas with my Family after 5 years of celebrating it in Singapore. My sister was flying in too from Bermuda. The thought that we could all be together again and spend Christmas as one whole family was something i just couldn't miss. I will definitely not trade it for the world. 

During my vacation, i made sure i was going to move around and capture the soul of the City where i was born and lived for 23 years of my life. And yet, days wasn't enough. Vacation was over. Reality was back. 

Though i felt slightly disappointed, i was just glad i was there during the holidays. Being with family is the best one can ever ask for.

My beautiful sisters lighting their sparklers to celebrate New Year!

My father and his daily habit - solving the crossword puzzle. Philippine Daily Inquirer

This was taken in Lantaka Hotel, and that's the famous Vinta where Zamboanga City is famously known for. 

Paseo Del Mar is a popular destination for locals for dinner and drinks. It's near to the Fort Pilar and the City Hall of Zamboanga. 

This is the Fort Pilar. Quite a history here, but i'll put that on another post. 

Badjaos or gypsies of the sea!

For pasalubong, visit the Yakan Village where they have authentic woven clothes, table runners, wallets, etc. 

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