Wednesday, December 17, 2014

My son's home is Singapore

We have lived in Singapore for 8 years. It was our home until this year when we felt it was about time to move on.

For our 2-yr old son though, Singapore will always be his home. For the past few months he would refer to places where we stayed as Tito Danny's house, Tita Bay's house, Wowo and Wowa's house, Ninang's house. But never his house.

Last night, my son and his Daddy were browsing old pictures of him when he was a baby, and he told his dad, "I miss my home. I want to go home to my house". It breaks my heart. It's not easy to be moving around like gypsies, i know. :(

Don't worry, son. Soon we can stay in our own house. But you're always home, because home is with us no matter where we are..

Taken in October 2014 when i went back to watch the WTA Open!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Zamboanga Siege: The Aftermath

It has been more than a year since it happened, and I still can't get over it. So i'm putting it in, so we do not forget what happens after a War, a Siege, a Rebellion. Whatever you call it. People suffer.

In September 9, 2013 Zamboanga City was under siege by the MNLF. I do not understand why this has to happen. I don't get it. Really. Too many speculations. Conspiracy Theories. But what happens after all these mess? Who suffers?

When I got the chance to go home in December 2013, I wanted to see the lives of those who has lost their homes. Those who were forced to live by the Cawa-Cawa Boulevard or the Grandstand, two places by the way that means a lot to me while growing up has turned up into an evacuation site for those affected by this madness.

Sadness. That's how I felt. Utter sadness. Can you truly look at this babygirl and tell me it's alright to have war?

Friday, December 12, 2014

Travel to Ilocos, the NORTHern Philippines

"I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel's sake. The great affair is to move." ~Robert Louis Stevenson

The road trip to Ilocos was an adventure for us. 2 Families on a beautiful journey on discovering the beauty of North Luzon! 

Our 1st destination was Pagudpod, an 11 hour trip from Manila. Stayed at Kapuluan Resort where surfers go. We didn't expect to go to some surfing place...we seemed to be the only visitors with no surfing intentions at all. Totally clueless. "Tayo lang yata ang mga hindi surfers dito!" we said. 

The place greeted us with gloomy weather coupled with very strong winds. But the place was magical. The big waves and beautiful picturesque landscape kept me speechless.

We then head on to see the Bangui Windmills, which was again another site to behold. The big waves as tall as a 2-storey high building is scary...

The Lighthouse at Cape Bojeador or Parola ng Cape Bojeador built in 1890 was beautiful. The eerie feeling though was not as exciting. But who cares. It was worth it. 

KapurpurawanRock Formation is really something. I love the peace and quiet of the place. The only sound you hear are the thundering waves from the sea. It's the perfect place for some reflection if you love doing that. I do. 

Next stop was Laoag where we went to visit the Marcos Museum, Fort Ilocandia and Paoay Church. Marcos Museum was was a visit to history. There were old newspapers, class pictures of the former president. We also visited photography was allowed though. You will enter a big room filled with flowers, painted in black with high ceiling and very cool air-conditioning. At the centre of the room lies the body of former President Ferdinand Marcos in a glass encasement. There was a coke, water, cookie and coin. They would offer him something to eat and drink for his death anniversary. 

Paoay Church was beautiful. It's a Baroque Architecture, and was declared UNESCO World Heritage Site. I love old churches, not only because it is part of our history, but more than that, it gives us the opportunity to have a feel of the old times. Having said that, you'd feel it more if you travel to the beautiful Vigan! The moment i saw it, i felt like i time travelled to the era of Padre Damaso. There were Kalesa you can get on to move around and be enamoured by the exquisite beauty of the place.

When in Ilocos, you have to taste the local food. The most popular is the Bagnet and the Longanisa. The Empanada is to die for. I tried the one just near the Paoay Church.

This has been truly one of my favorite trips. Not only because of the sceneries and the rich history of Ilocos, but most importantly...we shared this with our dear friends. 

What are you waiting for? :P

 Beautiful Sunrise welcomed us as we enter the city of Loaog.