Monday, April 22, 2013

Fujifilm X100s

Let me remind you that this is not a review or anything close to that. This is simply my opinion on the Fujifilm X100s that i recently bought for myself.

When Fujifilm X100 came out some 2 years back, I was one of those who closely followed the camera. The retro look fascinated me soo much that i wanted it so dearly. First, what i really liked was the design. Second, from the reviews and the sample photos i've seen, i knew that i had to had this. However, things just didn't go as planned. And i didn't buy it. I'm not going into details anyway, what is important i guess is when the new Fujifilm X100s came out it was better. Better. Better. Better. 

Fujifilm X100s is just an incredible camera for me. It works in low light. The auto focus is fast, and most of all, the colors are just great! I suggest if you are looking for a compact, everyday camera, this one's for you. It's value for money without any compromise on quality! 

I've taken some sample shots for you to see. No post processing done. The only thing photoshop here, is the signature on the lower right corner.  Other than that, it is what it is!

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