Wednesday, December 17, 2014

My son's home is Singapore

We have lived in Singapore for 8 years. It was our home until this year when we felt it was about time to move on.

For our 2-yr old son though, Singapore will always be his home. For the past few months he would refer to places where we stayed as Tito Danny's house, Tita Bay's house, Wowo and Wowa's house, Ninang's house. But never his house.

Last night, my son and his Daddy were browsing old pictures of him when he was a baby, and he told his dad, "I miss my home. I want to go home to my house". It breaks my heart. It's not easy to be moving around like gypsies, i know. :(

Don't worry, son. Soon we can stay in our own house. But you're always home, because home is with us no matter where we are..

Taken in October 2014 when i went back to watch the WTA Open!

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