Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Zamboanga Siege: The Aftermath

It has been more than a year since it happened, and I still can't get over it. So i'm putting it in, so we do not forget what happens after a War, a Siege, a Rebellion. Whatever you call it. People suffer.

In September 9, 2013 Zamboanga City was under siege by the MNLF. I do not understand why this has to happen. I don't get it. Really. Too many speculations. Conspiracy Theories. But what happens after all these mess? Who suffers?

When I got the chance to go home in December 2013, I wanted to see the lives of those who has lost their homes. Those who were forced to live by the Cawa-Cawa Boulevard or the Grandstand, two places by the way that means a lot to me while growing up has turned up into an evacuation site for those affected by this madness.

Sadness. That's how I felt. Utter sadness. Can you truly look at this babygirl and tell me it's alright to have war?

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