Thursday, January 8, 2015

Frozen Lake Ontario

Yesterday, i noticed that the Lake Ontario is starting to ice. I told myself that i needed to have a picture of this. I have not seen any frozen lake or river before as i come from Asia. So yeah, it's a big deal to me. This morning when i woke up looking at the lake, I told my my husband that i'm going to the harbour in the afternoon to take a snap shot of the lake, no matter how cold it can get. That's what we do right? We capture moments - no matter what it takes! Though i didn't really get the shot i wanted as i was hoping there can be some seagulls, or maybe an airplane or a boat or a blazing sunset and a blue sky. But i'm just as happy with this one i'm sharing with you. I'd probably try it tomorrow again. I don't stop until i am fully satisfied, really.

Anyway, this week has been horribly cold. They say it's going to last for the whole week. Am i not glad today is Thursday? 3 more days and the week is done. Phew!

So i braved the freezing weather at -11, with a wind velocity of 52kph which sums up to a feeling of -24. Do you know how strong that wind is? With my size and my weight, i could barely walk easily as the wind just blows me a step backwards. When i came home, my face was all red. If i was in Asia, they'd call it Sun Burn. I don't know what they call it over here in Canada. Cold Burn, maybe?

Lake Ontario is one of the great lakes in Northern America. It's so huge at 19,000 sq mtrs, i thought it was an ocean, until somebody of course corrected me.

I didn't use any tripod for this shot, as i wouldn't be able to carry it by myself with the strong winds and shivering feeling.

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