Friday, January 16, 2015

Tips for a beautiful Sunset

Are you one of those who chase Sunset, and time and time again gets disappointed because after travelling for hours and carrying your heavy bag to get to your destination, you see nothing?  I am one of those.

For years, I would rely on my luck. Until i got here in Canada and noticed the one thing that would change on how i look at it. You don't need luck, after all. All you need to do, is wake up very early and wait for the sunrise. If you wake up to this - a beautiful play of colors in the sky, expect the same for the Sunset!

Before Sunrise 


Day in and day out, for months now I would wait and watch the sunrise and sunset. It doesn't matter if your weather app says it's a sunny day. If the sunrise didn't had colors, your sunset will just be as good as your sunrise. 

I can't say if this theory will work out in Asia or any other country. For now, this one works for me here in Canada. So before you go out for your Sunset shoot, watch out for the sunrise! :) 

Let me know if it worked for you. Happy Sunset shooting! 

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