Friday, January 23, 2015

King of the Road

I was inspired to do a shot just like Joe Mcnally's on the cyclist "Some Flashes and a Cup of Water". That was just a beautifully executed shot. What do you expect, we're talking about the great, Joe Mcnally here.

Though I know I wouldn't stand a chance at being even close to that picture, I know that I just have to do it my way. The way i feel and look at it. 
So i've been begging my husband to allow me to take a shot of him on his bicycle. He loves the sport so much, and i told him, you just have to do this. You'll never have a nice photograph of you on that bicycle, unless it was taken by me! :P 

One saturday, he finally agreed to do it. There was a condition though, that we would take it only on places where he wouldn't see any cyclist around, else it would be too awkward for him. We wanted to do it before sunrise. I think that beautiful color behind him would be perfect! 

And guess what? It rained, and all our plans went down the drain. 

But here's the thing, you know. Sometimes, things happen because there are better options waiting for you. We went down from our flat, and i was standing at the middle of the parking lot trying to think where we should go. And then, viola! I don't have to go anywhere. This is the perfect location, between parked cars! And I shall name the shot, "King of the Road"! 

What do you think? 

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